Youth/Parent Info

Please upload a picture of yourself so that we can print out an encouragement card for you! We will be writing encouraging words to each other for the weekend and would love to have your photo on your card for inspiration!

– Please read prior to registering –

I hereby give my consent for my participation in the ENCOUNTER and related activities. I understand that the ENCOUNTER programming may include physical activity in the form of a variety of sports and recreational activities. I agree that McMurray Gospel Assembly and Camp Nakamun will not be held liable for any injury to myself, or loss or damage to my personal property.

In the event that I cannot be asked in an emergency situation, due to unconsciousness or if I am under 18 and my parent or guardian cannot be reached, I hereby give permission to licensed emergency and health care personnel to provide treatment, services and transport necessary to maintain my health. In the event medication, medical advice, treatment and/or equipment are required, I agree to accept financial responsibility for fees in excess of provincial and/or private medical insurance. I agree that the information on this form may be disclosed to such emergency and health care personnel. In the event of illness, accident, emergency, or any other circumstance requiring medical treatment, such treatment may be procured for the participant without legal or financial obligation to McMurray Gospel Assembly and Camp Nakamun.

All known health issues have been stated to the leaders. I will notify the leaders if I have been exposed to any infectious diseases prior to coming to the ENCOUNTER.
I agree to allow photographs or video of eNCOUNTER activities, which may include me, to be used in promotional material by McMurray Gospel Assembly.

McMurray Gospel Assembly and Camp Nakamun reserve the right to request any participant to withdraw from the ENCOUNTER if the participant in not acting in an appropriate and responsible manner.

I agree to abide by the following rules and guidelines…
I will respect the leaders/pastors, camp staff, bus driver, the bus & the camp itself for the entire trip.
I will ensure that I will clean and take care of the area I will be staying in, and listen attentively to all rules, directions, and guidelines.
I will not be disruptive or act in an inappropriate or dangerous manner.
I understand that consumption of alcohol/drugs will not be permitted during any point of this weekend as this behaviour is not conducive to the intent/purpose of this event.
I understand that should my behaviour be of concern to the leaders, bus driver or camp staff I will be asked to go home. If any of the above people can explain to a Pastor why my behaviour is a cause for concern, I will be sent home and any costs caused by leaving early will be paid by me.
I will not have anyone of the opposite sex in my cabin (Married couples exempt), and if I am over 18— I will not have a youth in my cabin or be in a secluded area alone with a youth.

These rules and guidelines are not to rob any individual of their fun or freedom but to ensure safety and enjoyment for the entire group.


Last day to order is July 26.