Project Lambs – Manitoba – Jim & Hkaw Win Humpries

In 1996 Dr. James Humphries resigned as pastor of a local church with a vision to reach further abroad with the Word of God and to use it to train and equip labourers for the work of service in Christ Jesus (Matthew 9:36-38; Matt 28:19-20).

It was at this time that he became founder and director of Project L.A.M.B.S. International (Light Abroad Mobile Bible Schools), he has taken part in traveling and ministering to different places in the USA, Mexico, Ukraine, Myanmar, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Thailand, Dominican Republic, China, India, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, and across most of Canada.

Over the last number of years, James and Hkaw Win have lived a large portion of their time in Myanmar and Thailand as Missionaries. He has been doing servant leadership training and equipping to many pastors and teachers through out the Asian Rim countries.

Currently he is also an elder with Fellowship of Christian Assemblies, Canada. He and His wife Hkaw Win continues to travel throughout a variety of countries mentoring and equipping pastors / teachers for the work of service.