What we do

Every Sunday at 9am, we gather for an hour of prayer.

 Our Mission

  • We believe that we are to bring together men of ALL AGES to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ; encouraging each other to be servant leaders in our families, church and communities.
  • We believe that we are to be men of God that are equipped to influence the world around us. 
  • We believe that as men of God, we are to be there to support each other as we grow in relationship with God, and with each other to reach outside.

Men’s Breakfast

Why do we always talk about BACON when we want to announce the Men’s Breakfast?  It is a complete stereotype that all men like BACON! I mean really, is there nothing original we can come up with to let all men know about the breakfast on Saturday other than BACON?!  I realize it is at the Royal Canadian Legion and all men are welcome, but there has to be some other way to get the message across, without talking about BACON!

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