Freedom Outreach – Denare Beach, SK

Freedom Outreach uses the Adult & Teen Challenge curriculum and runs a one year residential program where men can come who struggle with addiction. The centre opened in 2009 and can house up to eight students and 2 staff.  The program offers spiritual, academic and vocational training that helps equip individuals to return to society as responsible citizens. It is a centre for adult men. 

In 1993 Allen and Kandie Lagore went to Northern Saskatchewan to work with the first nations people on the reserves. While ministering there, they saw the devastation of drug and alcohol abuse, and the effect on the families. They also saw how those who went into 30 day government rehab programs quickly fell back into addiction. This perplexing issue stayed in rhe forefront of their thoughts and prayers as they continued ministering.

In 2005 they started raising funds to open a rehabilitation centre and in 2009 Freedom Outreach was started. Freedom was now possible for all those who would be humble enough to admit they need help, and be committed to a one year program. 

Over 80 percent of the students who have come to Freedom are first nations and come from many of the northern reserves although students have come from all across Canada.

Since 2009 a large number of graduates have experienced complete freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. The key to their success was developing a personal relationship with God and putting into practice all that they had learned while in our program.