Faith In God Ministries – Zari (Zara) Minoosepehr

Since August of 2015, after accepting the invitation from Dr. John Lucas, I started doing the Farsi Radio programs under the name of “Radio Khabar Khosh” which is “Good News Radio” in English.   These programs are being mainly broadcasted through short-wave in Middle East, but we do have emails informing us that people getting those waves and listening in Eastern Europe and News lands.  The purpose of these programs is to evangelize and also teach people the principles of Bible.   Never the less, we do have a website to make these programs more accessible, and the number of people using this webpage is constantly increasing.  During some months we have had over 27,000 hits / listeners.  There also other ministries that are using our programs in reaching out. I take advantage of every opportunity to evangelize to Farsi speaking people no matter which city or country they live in – whether in person or on phone. In addition to this,  I Pastor Calgary Assembly of Believers, I do lots of Bible based counseling, and this has been a great tool to bring people to Christ and watch their lives changed. Beside Sunday teachings, I usually have deeper Bible teaching sessions during the week as the need arises. Directly and indirectly, I run prayer groups that have already been forming house churches in Iran, Montreal, and Thunder Bay. I also have the opportunity to teach Courses in Farsi at Victory Bible College International. Through God, All Things Are Possible