I have always been a lover of sporting contests, but I fear I may not be among the billions who take in the most viewed sporting event ever, the 2018 World Cup. I am a cord cutter. I left the cable tv world about three years ago, believing that I could find what I needed through the interwebs.

This has mostly been the case; however, now that TSN has offered its’ streaming service to folks, I will have to bite the bullet and pay to stream the network monthly.

I was with some teenagers recently and they were bemoaning the fact that Fortnite, their game and it seems connecting point, which up until now had been free to play on their favorite gaming platform, was going to require a membership. They were presented, or will be with the same dilemma as me, pay up or do not connect. How we experience shared experiences and connections between us is fluctuating. We have so many media voices available to each of us. Far more than when I was young and was limited to CBC and CTV and sometimes cable! Now the internet has made possible a limitless diversity of entertainment options but has also made it possible for each of us to experience them on demand. This on demand culture allows us to see the same media even if we don’t tune in at 8 pm Friday night for Family Matters (shout out to Steve Urkel).

We have shared experiences but little appointment television, except for live sports! The global celebration of sport brings the world together. There is a connectedness and shared understanding that transcends language. No hands or feet only one ball, two goals, 11 players each, and the whole world knows the rules. In my books, the connecting is what matters. It’s what brings people together. As a seeker of truth and understanding, and shaper of culture, this connection and community, affects me deeply. I have seen the scary statistics relating teen mental health and Iphone use. I also know that this tool has allowed teens to connect more with each other and build better relationships. I am of two minds wanting to know is this good for me, feeling my own compulsion to scroll, and trying not to engage in its’ addiction.

For me, the bottom line is that people still need to connect. Connect with each other and ultimately connect with their Creator. If media is about relationships and we welcome entertainment because we need to feel connected to something, than I know this points us to the God who made us! Get to know Him. Get to know some people who know Jesus. I’d ask if I can come over and watch the World Cup final at your place but I just checked and it’s Sunday morning at 9 am, so I’ll have to check it out on PVR or maybe youtube someday. I welcome you to do the same, and make this Sunday the day you connect with your Creator.

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