02       Talent Show (Keyano)
09     Worship and the Word
16       Worship and the Word
23     Gym Night
30   Creative Spaces


07       Worship + Word
14      Christmas Party
21       Worship + Word
28     Movie Night




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YC 2019



What brings you joy?! My family, my wife and daughter and also everyone in the experience youth community, thats my answer. Social scientists talk about a life of gratitude that brings you joy. But what is the difference between Joy and happiness? I heard a man say this, “Happiness is an inch deep and a mile wide, joy is a mile deep and a mile wide.” Happiness is self centered individual focus but, Joy involves celebration and suffering with a redemptive twist! Joy is the presence of God and His grace felt by you and I when we open ourselves to the presence of God. And than we respond with Joy sending back praise and worship to God.