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27     Encounter Weekend


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Upcoming Event

     Our Theme
Jesus Christ has urged us in Matthew 28:19 to Go into all the world and make disciples! The experience youth community is taking this great commission seriously in 2018 as we use our encounter weekend at Camp Nakamun to springboard us into this endeavour. Please join us and be  inspired, challenged and equipped to take the message of salvation with you throughout the journey through your everyday life! We aren’t called to complete this mission on our own but instead we get to be empowered with The Holy Spirit. This weekend is about spending time with God and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill us once again and send us out into our world!
   About the Speaker
 Alison Springer is a professional youth speaker and founder of the Young Women of Power that provides Conference and Workshops for teen girls and young adults. She speaks in public, Catholic, and private schools all across Canada. Alison knows how to captivate and keep teens engaged through her use of memorable sayings, innovative exercises, and creative flair. It comes from 20 years of experience working with youth and an audacity to do whatever it takes to keep their attention so the main message gets through.

A graduate from Ambrose University with a degree in youth ministry, Alison was a youth pastor in Calgary but found her favourite place to be was in the schools.  This brings a unique perspective to her speaking as she understands what issues students are dealing with in their schools and how to practically help them apply their faith in that setting, Students will leave this weekend with greater confidence in their God and who he has created them to be in our nation.


I have always been a lover of sporting contests, but I fear I may not be among the billions who take in the most viewed sporting event ever, the 2018 World Cup. I am a cord cutter. I left the cable tv world about three years ago, believing that I could find what I needed through the interwebs.

This has mostly been the case; however, now that TSN has offered its’ streaming service to folks, I will have to bite the bullet and pay to stream the network monthly.