List of missions we currently support

Continuum Missions – Thailand & Southeast Asia
Al & Terry Purvis –  In 1982 Al & Terry Purvis launched the El Shaddai Children’s Home in Thailand. The 33 children of El Shaddai grew to become effective leaders in their nation.
In 1999, God spoke to Al & Terry to launch an International Bible College in Thailand.
The ministry now includes six Bible colleges, 70 churches and many creative outreach ministries in 10 countries of Asia as well as recruiting trips to Canada, the U.S. and the UK. Victory Asia Bible College and 7 Weeks in Asia summer youth mission gather, train and connect a new generation of missionaries and national leaders for reaching Asia. For exciting news and details go to
Canada North Ministries – Meadow Lake, SK

Mark Ramshaw (Meadowlake, SK) – Selvon Raphael (Pinehouse Lake) – John & Sharon Kennedy (La Loche, SK)  

Mission Statement: “To promote, strengthen, and/or establish Gospel Ministries/Worship Centers in spiritually-receptive Canadian communities north of the 54th parallel..” This mission conducts outreach ministries to northern communities (largely in Saskatchewan). As a result of an amazing revival in 2005, a ministry center is in the process of being established in La Loche, Saskatchewan. 

The philosophy of Canada North is very simple.  We recognize a desire and a need for biblical faith and fellowship in many of our northern communities. This mission will encourage the work of God wherever a positive reception to the “move of God” is taking place.

Clearwater College (formerly) Living Faith Bible College – Caroline, AB
Clearwater College (formerly Living Faith Bible College) is the Canadian training college of the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies, an affiliation of autonomous churches and ministries united in a common goal of making Christ and His gospel known. The mission of Clearwater College is to extend Christ’s Kingdom by providing theological education and training that is biblical, practical, and transformational for the purpose of equipping and mentoring Spirit-empowered servant leaders for Christian life and ministry. For more information please visit

We partner with a group of 12 churches and pastors on the island of Jamaica. The lead pastor is Rev. Dean & Karen Reid

Global Network Project – Colombia – Marilyn Finke
Pan America Mission and its sister organization in Colombia, Mision Panamericana de Colombia, are dedicated to the preaching and teaching of the Word God for the salvation of the Spanish-speaking peoples and various indigenous Indian tribes. Their focus is in planting churches in South American nations. To date, more than 700 churches have been planted. The nation is changing!
Project Lambs – Manitoba
Dr. Jim & Hkaw Win Humphries 
Discipleship International is part of the Ministry of Project L.A.M.B.S. International. Our directors are Dr. James & Hkaw Win Humphries and are based in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. They are training leaders in Myanmar – Hkaw Win’s home country.
SAM Ministries – Mozambique

Dwight & Lynn Lagore, (Brazil) -Earl & Ruth Trekofski

SAMM Ministries is a Canadian registered Christian mission with its work focused presently in 4 countries: Brazil, South America; Mozambique, South East Africa and Canada.

These two families host ministries in Mozambique & Brazil.

Cuban Pastors
We support 13 pastors in various cities in the nation of Cuba.  Without this support, these pastors would need to spend all of their time to support their families.  There is a great move of the Spirit in this land and a great desire among many spiritually-hungry Cubans for God’s kingdom to increase.
Freedom Outreach – Denare Beach, SK

Allan & Kandie Lagore

Teen Challenge is a 12-month, faith-based, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that is part of a network of over 15 Teen Challenge Centres across Canada and more than 1,000 worldwide. The program offers spiritual, academic and vocational training that helps equip individuals to return to society as responsible citizens.

A large number of graduates have experienced complete recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The key to their success was developing a personal relationship with God and putting into practice all that they had learned while in our program.

ISSWycliffe Bible Translators – Calgary

Robert and Verna Stutzma are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators (, Wycliffe Canada (, Wycliffe USA ( and SIL International (, working out of the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas. Currently, Robert is co-authoring an Exegetical Summary of Acts, a resource to assist Bible translators. Verna is the International SIL Coordinator for Dictionary & Lexicography Services. Her duties include promoting the compilation and publication of multi-lingual dictionaries. Dictionaries are a very important resource for Bible translation.

Wycliffe encourages and facilitates Bible translation movements that contribute to the holistic transformation of language communities. Worldwide, active Scripture translation and/or linguistic development is underway in 2,195 languages spanning approximately 130 countries.

Hope in Christ – Fort McMurray

This is a ministry of encouragement and enrichment – pioneered by Pastor Beverly Fawcett. Pastor Beverly Fawcett is an ordained minister with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies of Canada. We are pleased to know Beverly as a member of our congregation and as an able minister of exhortation in the Word of God. “Bev”, as she is affectiontely known by her friends, has a ministry of encouragement and hope for people. She is warmhearted, caring, and uncompromising on God’s Word. Her preaching and prayer ministry leads people to an expression of faith in God’s power to influence their lives in the present tense. Bev demonstrates a great sense of appreciation for the spiritual covering of her home church and is a humble and effective servant of God. Bev’s husband Derek is an ardent supporter of this ministry. I am honored to recommend Bev’s ministry to any invitation.” For all booking inquiries, please send a letter of invitation to:

RCO Ministries – Ramallah, Israel
Munir & Sharon Kakish
Unending political unrest in the Holy Land has ravished the economy and social order. Those who suffer the most are those who can do the least about it – the children. Economic instability, family strife and other social problems have increased dramatically in recent years. Munir & Sharon direct a children’s home in Ramallah where they care for impoverished Jewish, Palestinian and Muslim children from many different and difficult backgrounds. They are given food, shelter, clothing, education, love and most importantly knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Rev. Kakish is also Pastor of the local churches in Ramallah, Palestine and Ramla, Israel.