List of missionaries we currently support

Continuum Missions – Thailand & Southeast Asia – Al & Terry Purvis
The Vietnam war had just ended and orphans were filling the refugee camps of Thailand. Al &Terry gathered 27 children along with their own four to become the ‘El Shaddai Family’. By 2000 the children had grown and new ministries were being spawned, all focused on making disciples and planting churches. The ministry in Thailand became a model, now reproduced in nine more countries. From the Thailand base, key activities include 90 churches, six Bible colleges, schools, annual training and leadership conferences in each country, an all-Asia leadership Summit in Thailand, an international Bible college in Thailand that trains new leaders, including many from Canada, and 7 Weeks in Asia, a summer missions program for Canadian youth. Details are at
Canada North – Mark Ramshaw 
Mark Ramshaw is a missionary evangelist who has lived in the north among Canadas First peoples for over 30 years. He has planted church’s in several first nations communities, as well as traveled widely to a number of reserves and indigenous communities in the north preaching, teaching, conducting bible seminars and tent meetings. He is also a trusted resource for consultation with Church
doctrine and practice among the peoples he works with. Mark lives in the community of Green Lake SK and travels to other communities weekly to minister the Gospel. Presently he is working on a project to produce an audio New Testament produced in the Cree Language. Mark and his wife Ailyn were married in 2015 and are very happy to serve the Lord together.
La Loche – John & Sharon Kennedy 

As we continue to minister in the town of La Loche, SK,we thank the Lord for all those who continue to stand with us in prayer and financial support. We have regular Sunday service at 3pm, kids church at 5pm and Tuesday night Bible Study at 7pm.We are reaching out to neighbouring areas by ministering in St. Georges Hill and Turner Lake. Some believers from Turner Lake are attending our Sunday service through relationship building. We have partnered with Spoken Word Ministries in Saskatoon and Eston Full Gospel Church in Eston, SK who come to La Loche to do community outreaches throughout the year which have been impacting our community. Presently we are a part of a Discipleship Training program that takes place in Buffalo Narrows, SK which is one hour south of La Loche. Ministers and fellow believers have been attending this bi-weekly program which is both exciting and enriching. As the Regional Coordinator for north west Saskatchewan, my desire is to see strong unity amongst believers in our northern communities with an emphasis on utilizing northern local ministry during gatherings. 

Project Lambs – Manitoba – Dr. Jim & Hkaw Win Humphries 
In 1996 Dr. James Humphries resigned as pastor of a local church with a vision to reach further abroad with the Word of God and to use it to train and equip labourers for the work of service in Christ Jesus (Matthew 9:36-38; Matt 28:19-20).

It was at this time that he became founder and director of Project L.A.M.B.S. International (Light Abroad Mobile Bible Schools), he has taken part in traveling and ministering to different places in the USA, Mexico, Ukraine, Myanmar, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Thailand, Dominican Republic, China, India, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, and across most of Canada.

Over the last number of years, James and Hkaw Win have lived a large portion of their time in Myanmar and Thailand as Missionaries. He has been doing servant leadership training and equipping to many pastors and teachers through out the Asian Rim countries.

Currently he is also an elder with Fellowship of Christian Assemblies, Canada. He and His wife Hkaw Win continues to travel throughout a variety of countries mentoring and equipping pastors / teachers for the work of service.

Faith in God Ministries – Zari (Zahra Minoosepehr) 
Since August of 2015, after accepting the invitation from Dr. John Lucas, I started doing the Farsi Radio programs under the name of “Radio Khabar Khosh” which is “Good News Radio” in English.   These programs are being mainly broadcasted through short-wave in Middle East, but we do have emails informing us that people getting those waves and listening in Eastern Europe and News lands.  The purpose of these programs is to evangelize and also teach people the principles of Bible.   Never the less, we do have a website to make these programs more accessible, and the number of people using this webpage is constantly increasing.  During some months we have had over 27,000 hits / listeners.  There also other ministries that are using our programs in reaching out. I take advantage of every opportunity to evangelize to Farsi speaking people no matter which city or country they live in – whether in person or on phone. In addition to this,  I Pastor Calgary Assembly of Believers, I do lots of Bible based counseling, and this has been a great tool to bring people to Christ and watch their lives changed. Beside Sunday teachings, I usually have deeper Bible teaching sessions during the week as the need arises. Directly and indirectly, I run prayer groups that have already been forming house churches in Iran, Montreal, and Thunder Bay. I also have the opportunity to teach Courses in Farsi at Victory Bible College International. Through God, All Things Are Possible
Hope in Christ – Fort McMurray – Beverly Fawcett

For years, Beverly Fawcett has been a voice declaring God’s power and might to change lives to all generations. She is an ordained minister with the Fellowship Christian Assemblies, a certified pastoral counselor, teacher, and speaker for various women’s retreats and Christian conferences.

Pastor Beverly is currently serving in the roles of Interim Senior Pastor of McMurray Gospel Assembly. President of Hope in Christ Ministries, as well as Chair for the Wood Buffalo Christian Ministerial.

Aside from these positions, she also serves as a board member for Legacy Counseling Centre and she is an Elder for the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies of Canada. She is a published author of two books and has a on-air daily segment with the local radio station, the Bridge 91.1, called Word of Hope.

Beverly founded Hope In Christ Ministries which aspires to reach the community, city and Canada with the gospel. Her passionate, faith filled and encouraging message inspires others to seek the heart of God and live a life of fervent faith and servanthood. Beverly has been a resident of Fort McMurray for 38 years. She is a wife to husband, Derek Fawcett, a mother to four, and grandmother to seven.

Freedom Outreach – Denare Beach, SK – Allan & Kandie Lagore

Freedom Outreach uses the Adult & Teen Challenge curriculum and runs a one year residential program where men can come who struggle with addiction. The centre opened in 2009 and can house up to eight students and 2 staff.  The program offers spiritual, academic and vocational training that helps equip individuals to return to society as responsible citizens. It is a centre for adult men. 

In 1993 Allen and Kandie Lagore went to Northern Saskatchewan to work with the first nations people on the reserves. While ministering there, they saw the devastation of drug and alcohol abuse, and the effect on the families. They also saw how those who went into 30 day government rehab programs quickly fell back into addiction. This perplexing issue stayed in rhe forefront of their thoughts and prayers as they continued ministering.

In 2005 they started raising funds to open a rehabilitation centre and in 2009 Freedom Outreach was started. Freedom was now possible for all those who would be humble enough to admit they need help, and be committed to a one year program. 

Over 80 percent of the students who have come to Freedom are first nations and come from many of the northern reserves although students have come from all across Canada.

Since 2009 a large number of graduates have experienced complete freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. The key to their success was developing a personal relationship with God and putting into practice all that they had learned while in our program.

SAM Ministries is a Canadian registered Christian Mission working in Brazil and Mozambique. SAM stands for Strategic Action Mission because we believe the most strategic act ever carried out on the planet was one of undeserved love! This same kind of intentional, uncompromising and unconditional love is what our sin-sick world needs today! Our mission is to love God and love people so they have a chance to love God and love people. Our motto is “Committed to Serve.”
(Brazil) Earl & Ruth Trekofski, are the founders of Mount Horeb Training Center. Mount Horeb is SAM Ministries’ agent in Brazil, and the focus of the work is to declare the good news of Jesus Christ in both word and actions. The focus of the work is reaching children through our 2 Christian Schools (in Itaperuso and Cacador). The biggest of these schools has over 400 children from pre-school to Grade 12. The ministry also demonstrates Christ’s love through IT training, a dental clinic, a community kitchen, a counseling center and a local church.
(Mozambique) Dwight & Lynn Lagore, are the founders of SAM Ministries’ work in Mozambique. They serve a team of missionaries and nationals engaged in Leadership Training for pastors and leaders, a grade school and sponsorship program for children through to post secondary training, and an orphan program which includes building homes for widows and orphans. The mission runs two health clinics, a literacy program for children and adults, an agriculture program, an animal traction program and a feeding program. Each ministries’ primary focus is to ensure people experience God’s love, so they can come to know Him and His purpose for their lives on the planet!

Wycliffe Bible Translators – Calgary – Robert and Verna Stutzman 

Robert and Verna Stutzman have been members of Wycliffe Bible TranslatorsWycliffe CanadaWycliffe USA and SIL International since 1983. They served the SIL – Papua New Guinea Branch in PNG from January 1984 to June 1995 as accountant, teacher, computer operator, and as Bible Translators. Since returning to the US in 1995, they have been involved in developing exegetical and computerized tools for Bible translators at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas. Currently, Robert is co-authoring the Exegetical Summary of Acts, a resource to assist Bible translators. Previously, he authored An Exegetical Summary of Galatians. He has also worked as an editor for the Translator’s Notes Series and numerous other Bible translation resources.

Verna is the International SIL Coordinator for Dictionary & Lexicography Services. She oversees the Rapid Word Collection strategy which employs a systematic method to capture words in a workshop setting organized in the language community. She is also tasked with promoting the publication of multi-lingual dictionaries, primarily online at Dictionaries are a very important resource for Bible translation.

RCO Ministries – Ramallah, Israel – Munir & Sharon Kakish
Unending political unrest in the Holy Land has ravished the economy and social order. Those who suffer the most are those who can do the least about it – the children. Economic instability, family strife and other social problems have increased dramatically in recent years. Munir & Sharon direct a children’s home in Ramallah where they care for impoverished Jewish, Palestinian and Muslim children from many different and difficult backgrounds. They are given food, shelter, clothing, education, love and most importantly knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Rev. Kakish is also Pastor of the local churches in Ramallah, Palestine and Ramla, Israel and Rev. Kakish has served as chairman of the Council of Local Evangelical Churches in the Holy Land for eleven years.
We partner with a group of 12 churches and pastors on the island of Jamaica. The lead pastor is Rev. Dean & Karen Reid
Iglesia Pentecostal Buenas Nuevas en Cuba (Pentecostal Church Buenas Nuevas in Cuba)
Number of churches in Cuba: 110
Vision: Reach all Cuba with the Gospel through evangelization, discipleship (training) and send the members to share the Gospel to others. Additionally Buenas Nuevas in Cuba is working in the International Missions’ vision
Clearwater College (formerly) Living Faith Bible College – Caroline, AB
Clearwater College (formerly Living Faith Bible College) is the Canadian training college of the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies, an affiliation of autonomous churches and ministries united in a common goal of making Christ and His gospel known. The mission of Clearwater College is to extend Christ’s Kingdom by providing theological education and training that is biblical, practical, and transformational for the purpose of equipping and mentoring Spirit-empowered servant leaders for Christian life and ministry. For more information please visit
Global Network Project – Colombia – Steven Finke
Pan America Mission and its sister organization in Colombia, Mision Panamericana de Colombia, are dedicated to the preaching and teaching of the Word God for the salvation of the Spanish-speaking peoples and various indigenous Indian tribes. Their focus is in planting churches in South American nations. To date, more than 700 churches have been planted. The nation is changing!