SUNDAY SCHOOL  10AM & 12PM       
Do you agree that a big SMILE on your child’s face makes your day? We do!
 That is why we have created KidZone to be the best time of your child’s week! KidZone is about kids having fun, finding a place to belong and developing a foundation in Jesus. We believe that kids are incredibly important and we want to partner with families to help them discover God and grow as disciples. We want to see them connecting passionately with the Father’s heart. Kids will love being a part of KidZone, just like we love being a part of their lives!
NURSERY (6-20 months)
TODDLER (21 mos-3 yrs)
PRE SCHOOL (3 – 4 yrs)
KINDER (5 yrs – Grade 1)
KIDMO (Grades 2-6)
Our goal for Kids Power Hour is to encourage your children to experience how mighty our God is. We want to help them to know the power of God and that we have that same power inside us when we accept salvation. Knowledge is Power, so we want to spend time worshipping and having prayer stations so that children will understand the impact of prayer and the dependency we can have in Christ as they grow. Our desire for your children is that they realize God can use them at a young age to have a great impact.
This program is for 3-10 year old kids. Every Wednesday from 7-8:18pm
It is our desire at MGA for the parents of each child being dedicated to the Lord to have a biblical understanding of what “Child Dedication” means.

Please fill out the form if you want your child dedicated