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Word of Hope for all my MGA Family: Hungry to show a Father’s Love, Christ ate with republicans and sinners, reached out to Saducees and Pharisees, He prayed all night, took time for children, and talked to a woman of ill repute. His extended grace through outstretched arms brought a thief into paradise. It made him run to the podical son, embrace him and bring him home. He wanted to win souls, not willing that anyone should perish so although tired and weary, he crossed over to set the demons free so a man could have peace and liberty. To show he cared, he wept and raised his friend up form the grave. He replace the ear of a soldier so in Pater’s weakness, he could be made strong to go on and do ministry. With no strings attached he quietly endured the cross so we would learn from him to take up our cross and carry on, that the world might see his grace and be set free. 

“Come all who labor and are heavy-laden, Come find rest
Fix your eyes on Jesus so you may see His grace 
No fighting, no striving, Oh, what a gift

Be strong in your freedom, there’s no strings attached
Knowing you’re not a servant, you are a son
His yoke is easy, It’s not burdensome

Grace extended, All He has is yours
You can’t earn it, buy it or work for it
He died so you belong 

Alive in Christ, Soul shout out 
Victory, I’ve been set free
Riches of God’s grace producing faith in me

I’m saved, I’m changed
With truth, I’ve been set free
It is amazing grace, a gift to me 

Dance, Dance, Dance in your freedom, Oh what glorious freedom
Forevermore, forever more,

Pastor Beverly Fawcett